Who Do We Think We Are??


Tonight I ‘spoke’ online to a young girl who was going to court to object to her child being adopted.

Her child was taken from her for a variety of reasons, none of which to me seem justified, especially when I look not too far from my own door. Social Services swooped in and have decided. That is it. Almost a year ago. A year in a child’s life is a huge amount of time.

I am not that naive to realise there is two sides to every story but having lived it for the last few years, I can see that anyone can be at risk. Another friend of mine, married, with lovely family went for help as she was feeling down, spoke of her sad thoughts and before she knew it, due to a counsellors ‘duty of care’, Social Services were on them, and not in a pleasant helpful way. It was frightening.

However the lady tonight, her little child was able to see her recently at school and clung to her crying and sobbing. It destroyed her and so she went into a deep depression. And they wonder why? She is not alone. Sadly I have read this last few days of so many cases like this, people need support and guidance and while others, who show little regard for their children, because of their middle-class-ness, get away with all sorts.

My heart breaks for many women, of all ages, trying to make it in the world, they may not have had good female role models, they may have had abusive pasts, they may have all sorts of issues, which may or not be their fault. But who are we to take their children, who are we to play God, just because of a few assessments by people who are at best over worked and at times looking for the easiest solution.

My heart breaks for the dads, whose ex partners use their children like weapons, if a lot of them did what the mothers are doing they would never see the children again. The cuts are not equal on any side. We live it.

The only winners here are legal teams who do their deals and shake the hands of the opposing counsel, like they have just done a bet on the National. They do not realise what they have just agreed can make or break a person, their families and their future. Lets hope they can sleep easy.





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