Running all over the place….

This year I had planned to run the Manchester Marathon, for the British Stammering Association, but a bout of ill health put paid to that. So I wanted to do something but nothing kind of seemed ‘enough’. Then the other day via a Facebook memory thing it popped up that it was 8 years ago since I went to see The Kings Speech. This was my turning point…and so I had an idea, for those 8 years, I could run 8 races in 8 months…that’s 80km and a few medals and goody bags! And it also gets our new STAMMA running vests out there!
So if your town has a 10 km let me know, I have some lined up and signed up but a few extra wouldn’t hurt!

Oh and ofcourse, I want to raise a shed load of money…we want to do so much at the BSA, especially for our young people. My little man stammers too, and I want him to grow up without prejudice and discrimination, doing whatever he wants to, and so we need to raise the profile of positive stammering stories! Also we want to get our web chat service going and make sure people get the right help and support that they need at whatever stage of life they are at.

Dig deep, and ofcourse I will be posting up my medals and results as I go along. Below is the link to my Just Giving page.

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