Goal One #inthebag

Since Christmas it hasn’t been easy. I had a rubbish virus in January and have since put on weight. Now, I am one of those people who don’t look ‘fat’, but lets put it into perspective. I am now the same weight I was at nine months pregnant with my now four and a half year old son. I have went up two dress sizes and I feel rubbish. I feel unattractive, found I was getting more and more unfit and was struggling keeping up my running, times getting slower as I was out of the loop.

I was to enter the Manchester Marathon and as I had been ill with said virus and the lack of support to get my training underway meant I lost momentum and had to crash out. Last Sunday watching my running buddies come over that line was something else, but still a little bit of me died thinking, ‘I should be there.’

But I am doing my ream of 10km races, much more achievable, I get to talk loads about stammering and I get back on track. So I needed to start with some plans. So I asked friends for some app advice and found a great training one courtesy of my cousin and so I stuck in a four week beginner plan and this week I haven’t missed a day, great stretching stuff, circuit type conditioning sessions and I mix in some runs.

I bought lots of veggies, made packed lunches and cut way down on my wine intake! Week one completed and today I completed my first Big Goal. I got my 5km back under 30 minutes. It hurt, I wretched like hell at the top of our local killer hill, the 3 lock sprint. But I bloody did it. I bloody did it!!

But I am sitting here still in my running gear smiling at my Strava, after all if it aint on Strava it didn’t happen!!

and yes, here is my link to Just Giving….
I am raising funds to help fund a help line and web chat service to help people challenged by stammering


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