The Shooting Of The Easter Bunny

  Enough is enough. It is that time of year again, well to be fair the shops start promotion straight after Santa has descended with 50 million selection boxes. Easter Eggs. We have four boys between us. Everyone seems to feel the need to supply our boys with an Easter Egg. Even when they say … Continue reading The Shooting Of The Easter Bunny

Spring Has Sprung!

It is Friday! The sun is out and Spring most certainly has sprung! After a crazy busy few days with work related deadlines, it is now Fun Time Friday! To be fair I started last night with an Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine, oh and some Mini Eggs. So today I woke up … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!

Facing the fear and doing it anyways!!   Sunday and I am feeling good!! The above link from the BBC was five years ago today!! The BBC gave us a great opportunity to plug our new support group...The British Stammering Association really helped me get back on track. I've now moved country, got a fab new job and am running this morning … Continue reading Facing the fear and doing it anyways!!