Day One (can you feel the determination??’s in there somewhere)!!

I am sitting here at 11pm wondering wether or not to give this Slimming World lark a go. I need to shed a stone, maybe two. But I also need to change my habits. I am bad. I am a late night eater, I love coleslaw, my weekend cooked breakfasts and I don’t do Diet anything. My colleagues reckon I need shares in Greggs….that kind of says it all (not that Greggs don’t do nice salads too!!)

I do go running again thanks to the guys and gals of RunMiddlewich (as one of the lads has been quoting forever, it is THE best running group in the world). Two of the lads have just completed a half marathon after only running from January! I am sticking to the 10km maximum me thinks. Between now and Christmas I have a 10km and 5km race to take part in, albeit in one dressed as some sort of Halloween freak and the other donning a Santa hat! Anyways, I digress, I am good at that too…I start with good intentions but then I kind of give in to the dark side.

I also invested in a Fitbit, and I like this. I add in my water intake, I take part in Weekend Warrior and on my running weekends it is great. But I am not consistent. Part of this is down to the fact I have a three year old at home who cannot yet make his own tea and send himself to bed. My other half is working away a lot and my eldest boy has things going on that do not include minding our little devil child! The nights are getting darker so running at night is now out but tonight I used the Fitbit trainer app which I found quite good fun. Lets see how long for.

Life for us is also pretty hectic, mainly by choice. We travel, see friends, go with family on weekend trips and enjoy good restaurants. We work hard, sometimes long hours into the night but we play hard and enjoy the good times.

I need motivation, I need to make time and I need someone to kick my arse into gear.

But I have made a start, I have downloaded some great recipes, got my app all prepped with workouts for the week and finally weighed myself. Today was day One. I have been good and followed all the guidelines, I will maybe start with the online registration and take it from there.

So here we go, now I have it all on here, I have to do it. I will update my Facebook page for some motivation so please do leave me some hints, tips and recipes.




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