Sprouts v Potatoes

There is one thing I can honestly say I am completely rubbish at. Dieting. Believe me, when people say it all changes when you get over 40 it is true. Every bit of it.

I was always one of those annoying people who could eat and drink anything and stay thin. I have never been overweight, I didn’t have to exercise although I did enjoy some sporty stuff, bit of running, hill walking etc but none of that gym bunny carry on. I’ve joined two gyms in my life time and probably used each of them twice.

Then I turned 40. Now in my defence I am 45 this year and did have a baby at 42. But I am now, in poundage, the same weight I was at seven months pregnant. It’s not good.

What is equally annoying is that I don’t look ‘fat’, but I don’t feel the same about myself at all. People roll their eyes when I say I need to start watching what I eat. Those big jeans are now the ones I am most comfortable in and my loose stuff is now the clothing I would rather wear. I feel self-conscious and need to put away the Mini Eggs.

Now, I don’t eat loads, but I do like all the things that are not really on the good end of the scale. I love cheese, coleslaw, meat, roast potatoes and sadly I do not really have a penchant for anything that healthy. All this was fine when I was 26, but not when you are staring 45 in the face.

So looking at the diets, I have been researching some, and I like (I use the word ‘like’ loosely) the idea of the Atkins one, cutting out sugar and carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes. I think I might die to be fair. I am from Ireland, to not eat potatoes in some form at least once a day is blasphemy. I didn’t even think it could be done. But all the other low fat type diets just take away my will to live. I really am not sure about those group type things too like Slimming World. At least with this I can eat steak and bacon, I just have to think of ways to make it through the week without peeling a potato.

Did I mention I started to run again? Oh yes, I joined a running club.  I am enjoying it. I have signed up for a few 10km races and everything. However, after a run all you want to do is eat your own body weight in toast. Or chips. This is not going to be easy.

But I have a lovely sunny holiday in Gran Canaria in 7 weeks and one requires to be a few pounds lighter or at least a dress size down.

Last night Pete’s face was a picture when I produced dinner of pan fried chicken with green beans, sprouts and bacon. To be fair to him he ate the lot. More likely to do with the fact it was 9pm and he was starving rather than my culinary expertise.

So watch this space, and my Instagram, for my cooking creations and my headaches at trying to at least cut down on the carbs for the next seven weeks…any recipes will be greatly appreciated, especially in making a potato not a potato and especially in doing quick prep meals that can go into a slow cooker.

One thought on “Sprouts v Potatoes

  1. I can identify with this. It’s really not fair that with more age and experience and responsibilities I have to eat less for no apparent reason other than not being in my twenties any more. I get the shakes without carbs so I don’t think I could do Atkins, but I will be interested to see how you get on.


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