The Shooting Of The Easter Bunny



Enough is enough. It is that time of year again, well to be fair the shops start promotion straight after Santa has descended with 50 million selection boxes. Easter Eggs.

We have four boys between us. Everyone seems to feel the need to supply our boys with an Easter Egg. Even when they say they will get the boys a small something for Easter instead of a large egg, they still feel the need to include a small egg or a chocolate bunny!!

We have just recovered from the sugar rush that was Christmas. Every parcel seems to come with a selection box, every toddler group party, church party and youth club event ended with a selection box handout. I open them all up and put the lot into a massive plastic box that took up half the fridge. It was murder every time you go into the fridge when you are a little peckish to be faced with Wispa bars and Crunchies!

So this morning I nipped to a supermarket to pick up some things for dinner, and every aisle had some sort of chocolate bunny, egg or moulded chocolate Easter treat stashed in there. There was this box of 30!! Great for those Sunday school handouts!


Last year we had going on for 24 eggs knocking around, and I am not even counting the bunnies and Kinder treats…and this was after I sent out my gentle request for less chocolate! I assured nannys and grandads that an egg was not vital, that they would love some Easter stickers instead. I told my brother to eat the eggs himself after he said we needed to get together to do The Great Easter Egg Exchange! But no, we arrived armed with chocolate delights for his one daughter, and we left with half of Thorntons.

So has anyone any ideas on either how to stop people buying our kids chocolate or more ideas on what to do with the blasted stuff (apart from gain 3 stone from eating it ourselves and making cornflake and rice crispie buns) so that we do not have to order a hit man for the Easter Bunny!?!


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