Today Has Been A Little Trying…..

Today has been shall we say, trying….

Dropped Kieran to childminder and was running abit late so thought I should catch the train…

No feckin car park spaces left at all anywhere near the bloody station, like I mean people parked anywhere and everywhere and no place for my Zafira.

So have to drive to work. Via bloody J17 M6, so get to Wilmslow around 10.30, work carpark is always mobbed so chose local supermarket one so I can get a coffee enroute to the office…

At Greggs for a £2 special, cappuccino (with chocolate) and a sausage roll….and yip, no feckin hot sausage rolls. And their app was down so had to lose out on my loyalty points. Normally this would not cause me any great annoyance as my colleagues order bulk coffee so trust me I get plenty of free coffee! 

So I’m muttering like a loon about my morning and the nice guy who always serves me in Greggs (by now I think he would have liked a panic button) gives me a fully stamped loyalty card and says ‘next time you get a large one.’

He single handedly made my day. So I wander round to work and see empty car parking spaces….Sod’s law! 

Work was good, all going to plan until my childminder text to say my two year old looks like he has chicken pox. 

Sorry what?? 

Does she know it is Year End and a VAT quarter deadline this week? Has this child of mine not learned yet the timing of such events? 

My eldest boy had got paid last week so eBay had taken a hammering and the postman delivered a sack of parcels like Santa which he ‘needed’ like yesterday so now I have to cart this lot through town when getting my car. 

So I leave work, with enough paperwork to sink a small ship, a Post Office sack full of Bear Gryll’s like camping gear and stagger my way into Boots for various chickenpox gels and Calpol…

Make it to pick Spot on time and he was still in the same chocolate stained pants he arrived in and had many a wee in his potty!! 

Funny how the rest of the day is forgotten when those stubby little arms swing round your neck and he says ‘time for home!’

Dinner is going to be an easy one tonight!

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